We are humbled and honored to have been chosen as BEST of San Francisco Fringe this year! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our show. We are so thankful for all of you!

We are busy at work on season 2 of our online show, and we hope to have more live shows coming soon. Please keep checking back for updates!

Photos by Samuel Spencer

What people are saying about the show

"Megan Briggs and Andrew Calabrese celebrate their friendship, their talent, and their ability to reinvent themselves for a new world in COOKING, STAGE LEFT, a cooking show they usually do online, performed at the SF Fringe Fest, on the EXIT Stage Left, a venue which they've performed together in such shows as THE LARAMIE PROJECT and DESK SET. This show is like a warm hug, smothered in compote. And with actual compote for you to try at the end. It's fundamentally generous, a balm for the soul in a dark time, from two people who have given us so much good theater over the years and now invite you into the bond that kept them going over the last two."

-Stuart Bousel

"Ibsen would be proud! Two actors not only cook food in real time for the audience, but they also keep everyone’s interest with quirky personal stories about cooking and the performing arts. The food was delicious and I was consistently engaged with the actors and their banter. I highly recommend seeing it in person so you can also taste the food, but if you can’t make sure to check out their online show."

-Nicole Matthews

"What a great show!!! The recipes were delicious and easy to follow!!!

The best part of the show was that they kept you engaged with stories and banter while they cooked.

Great energy and a great way to spend some time.

They have another show Wednesday, I would recommend folks go see this show!

Did I mention they have food for you to eat at the end?!?!?"


"This show is fun. I enjoyed the playful banter along with the food preparation

It provides details of the prep so you can make the dishes at home if you wish and of course tasting the finished product was delightful."

-Steven Keena

"Megan and Andrew are fun to watch as they do their cooking thing you feel like you’re in on a party in the kitchen. Quite honestly I was more interested in them than the particulars of cooking, but that’s me. It’s fun to see someone in command of what they’re doing while engaging in repartee. And yes, there’s yummy food at the end."

-Bennet Caffee

"A cooking show hosted, or should I say performed, by two theatre professionals. Offering quirky bite-sized wisdom, humor, anecdotes, and of course delicious food that even the laziest person can make to wow guests.

You can only wish your local Costco sample staffs are as entertaining as these two!"


"When I saw this show, I felt at ease. Something about a cooking show with actors telling stories about the actor’s life that made me feel like “oh these are my people.” I am also a huge fan of food and I loved that we got to see the process of making these dishes in real time. I would enjoy seeing this genre of live theater cooking shows expand because one of my favorite genres is dinner theater and we just don’t see enough of that combination of entertainment and food. More to the people in the show, they are personal, relatable, and extremely comfortable with each other and that kind of chemistry is priceless."

-Katarina Countiss

Photo Paul Anderson

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